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welcome to my homepage


Welcome to my personal homepage. On these pages you will find information about me, my life, my travels, my education and my work.
There are also some usefull documents under the geo and university section, or if you are ready for some virtual trips, check out the travel blog section.


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Some while ago I decided to move to New Zealand where I am now working as a consultant and researcher in the timber and seismic engineering field.
New Zealand is an amazing place to be where life still has a balance, weekends are spent in the mountains and unlimited internet a novelty...


Some words about me

I am a young and committed young engineer native from the Italian Alps. As I also love to live in close touch with nature, my professional vocation is to design timber constructions. Aside from this I have a strong ambition in languages and in discovering new spots on earth. Feel free to share some essences of my life on this homepage.






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